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Joining a Class-Action Lawsuit

You usually do not need to do anything to join a class-action lawsuit  because you are automatically included in a lawsuit if you have legal interests. If anything, you can opt out, meaning you decline to participate. Read more about joining class-action lawsuits below.

Being Covered

You will know you are covered in a class-action lawsuit if you receive a class-action notice in the mail. Read the notice carefully, as it states that your legal rights may be affected by the lawsuit. It also provides details on whether residents of certain states are included as well as those who suffered particular types of financial or physical harm. There is no fee to join the lawsuit, and lawyers involved in the case only receive a fee if the result is favorable.

Taking Action

You will only need to do something once the lawsuit is settled. You may need to complete and submit a form online or by mail to receive any compensation. Some class actions require you to opt in; instructions are usually provided in the class-action notice on how to join the lawsuit. In some cases, you are required to file your own lawsuit if you were an injured victim because of a defective medical device or dangerous pharmaceutical item.
Class-action lawsuits require minimal action for you to receive your piece of the settlement. Contact William C. Poole, LLC to learn what you should know about joining a class-action lawsuit.

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